plus model marina Bulatkina by Victoria Janashvili

T+F Exclusive: Model Marina Bulatkina by Victoria Janashvili

November 21, 2012 10:00 AM

We are excited to share this new T+F Exclusive starring Model Marina Bulatkina of MSA Models photographed by Victorial Janashvili! Bulatkina had a flourishing career as a ballroom dancer in Russia before she decided to come to the United State to model full-time. Missing her first passion of dancing, she started taking ballroom dancing classes in New York City which inspired this gorgeous shoot with Janashvili. As you can tell from the photos, Bulatkina moves in front of the camera with ease due to her background as a dancer. We are looking forward to seeing more from Bulatkina and stay tuned for an interview with her!

Model: Marina Bulatkina @ MSA Models

Photographer: Victoria Janashvili

Make-up artist: Liliya Shlyapkina



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