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What is the standard size of models in the fashion industry?

In the fashion industry, the standard size of models is size 0 and 2 (all sizes mentioned are using the United States size range).

What is considered to be the size of a plus model in the fashion industry?

Plus size models can range from size 8 to size 16, but most plus models fall in the range of size 10 to size 14.

What are “straight-size models” vs. “plus-size models”?

Straight-size model is the more technical term for a model that is size 0 and 2. Plus size models are considered to be size 8 to 16. Currently, there is no other term for a model size 4 and up. By default, these models are usually called plus models to signify that they are not the standard straight-size model.

What size do retailers start their plus sizing?

Most retailers in the United States start their plus size lines at size 14.

How come there is difference between the size of plus models and where retailers start with plus sizing?

This question seems to be never ending in plus fashion. There is no accurate answer to this as the agencies tend to say that models under a size 14 are in demand by the retailers and the retailers say that they have not been able to find talented models size 14+. Over the course of the past five years, we are starting to see more retailers use models that can be more accurately described as plus size in their campaigns.

How come you sometimes refer to the models on as “plus models” when they do not look plus size?

Currently, there are only two terms for models; straight-size models or plus models. This places some limitations on how a model can be described. Another thing to consider is that most models are above the height of 5’9. A size 14 woman who is 6’0 tall naturally looks slimmer then a much shorter woman who may wear the same size.

Where do you get your images from? Can I send updated credits?

Our images come from a variety of sources such as the agencies, models, photographers, magazines, and online forums. Truth and Fashion does not claim to own any of these images and always seeks to fully credit the team behind the image. If you see an error in one of our credits, please email us at

I am an aspiring plus size model. Can I be featured on your website?

At this time, only features professional plus models represented by an agency. If you believe that you are the next supermodel and want to see if your latest shoot can be featured, please email us at We will happily look at your work but cannot guarantee by any means that we will feature it on the website.

How do I become a plus size model?

There are several ways to become a plus model. One way to gauge your potential is to take a headshot, profile shot, and full-body shot of yourself in natural light, makeup, and clothing. Your shots should not be anything that seems too staged or could hide your natural beauty. Next, research the plus size modeling agencies in your area. Look for agencies that have a strong representation and good track record with plus models. None of these agencies will ask you for money to review your pictures. Send your photos along with your full measurements (height, bust, waist, hips, along with your dress and shoe size), hair color, and eye color for the agency to review. If they believe you have potential as a plus model they will contact you. This is free to do. You should never pay a service to be a model.

Some modeling agencies will have open-calls for new model hopefuls to attend. The agency may have you fill out a form before speaking with you that will ask your contact information, measurements, and experience. You may also be measured by a model agent.

If you are signed, an agency will then expect you to pay money to build your portfolio and your comp card. You should never pay to be represented by an agency, featured on their website, or to attend their school.

I have found an amazing editorial of a plus size model that I think should be featured on, where should I send it?

We love to find new editorials of professional models currently not featured on! Please send us the editorial at

For any additional questions or help, please email us at